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Sale on All Clocks Just in Time to Spring Forward

Daylight savings time is coming up - March 12th to be exact!  From now until inventory last, all of our hand made clocks from Murano, Italy is 50% -60% off!  Not to mention free shipping is also now available.  Great savings on these colorful and whimsical clocks.

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About Us

Sakura (left), Kishu (above)

Kita Ceramics & Glassware has been in business since 2001. We are a small family owned business specializing in hand made glass and pottery. The two art forms have a historical tradition. Our glass is imported from Murano, Italy, an island known for producing glass ware since the 1400's. Our pottery is imported from Kyoto, Japan, an ancient city rich in history, culture, and artisan crafts. Still to this date, the artisans use the same technique to produce our beautiful glass and pottery ware as their forefathers did hundreds of years ago. We admire and take great pride, for there is a story behind each of our pieces.   


Sakura (Left Photo), Kishu (Right Photo)